Real Food Healthy Meal Planner by Holistic Squid

Meal plans are critical when it comes to saving money. Planning what you’re going to cook and eat each month will save you money because you’ll be (a) more likely to cook in batches and in bulk and (b) you will spend less on last-minute splurges ordering pizza because you didn’t have time to get dinner ready and there’s nothing to eat in the house.

I spend $6/month on the Holistic Squid healthy meal planner. That’s crazy cheap!

You have to consider what your time is worth. How long would it take you to plan meals each week? Probably an hour each week. Let’s say you get paid $25 per hour. Now it’s costing your $100 per month just to plan meals and make shopping lists.

Even if you only get paid $10 per hour, that’s $40 per month. It costs you 7 times less with the meal plans. In other words, you’re freeing up four hours per month that you can get paid more to work.

holistic squid real food meal plans

I am so excited about my friend Emily Bartlett’s (of Holistic Squid) brand new meal plan subscription program, Real Food Meal Plans for the Busy Home.

Now I can finally recommend a meal plan program that is VERY similar to the way I cook. Emily makes the kind of meals I do — home cooking, comfort foods, and good fats. These aren’t chemical laden, conventional dairy, cheese, and meats. Emily makes it a point to educate and emphasize the use of clean, naturally raised, healthy foods.

Think grass-fed chili with cheese and sour cream and sprouted cornbread, fully loaded nachos made with sprouted corn tortillas, roast chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy. Oh, yes, these are weeknight meals you can make fast and easy! Click here for a free sample menu.

Nutrient-Dense Meals Are a Snap

These meals are family-friendly, kid-tested and approved. I can personally vouch for the fact that Emily’s recipes are delicious. Best of all, they are super nutritious.

sample real food meal planning week

She incorporates pastured meats, sustainable seafood, organ meats, healthy traditional fats like butter and coconut oil, fermented foods, bone broth, lots of in-season vegetables, and soaked/sprouted whole grains.

Fast and Easy Cooking for Busy Homes

As a working mom, Emily knows how hard it is to get food on the table — so she’s devised this meal plan for those of us who are busy like she is. She tells you exactly how many hours you will spend in the kitchen each week.

For example, in the free sample menu (click here to download) she has one shopping day (Saturday), one big prep day (Sunday), and then the rest of the week you spend less than one hour per day in the kitchen — for a total of 1.8 hours Monday-Friday.

In the first meal plan I downloaded, Emily says you will only spend 3.5 hours TOTAL in the kitchen for the week. I can do that!

A couple of the meals only take 10 minutes to throw together — that’s faster than Rachael Ray!

Why I Signed Up

I love Real Food Meal Plans for the Busy Home so much that I went ahead and signed up for the yearly plan.

Honestly, I have tons of recipes on my blog and of course I can cook and have lots of ideas.

But I’m busy, just like you. And too often healthy meal planning was getting shelved with too many other things calling for my attention. The last straw was when one weekend night, with nothing planned or prepared, it was a last-minute desperate call for pizza. Ugh.

So I decided to take the plunge and get the meal plans. I am so thrilled that my family will be eating nutrient-dense meals again!

Why It Makes Financial Sense to Buy Meal Plans

I did the math. For a year subscription, this meal plan program only cost me $6 a month. ($72 for the annual plan divided by 12 = $6 per month.)

Say it takes me a couple hours each week to do the planning, shopping-list making, and recipe gathering. Let’s say I work really fast and can bust it out in ONE hour per week.

Now, ask yourself, what is your time worth? Is it worth more than $1.50 per hour?

$6 divided by 4 weeks = $1.50 per week.

You can see why this is worth every penny.

Sign Up Now

Everyone wants to save time and everyone wants to save money — but usually you can only get one of those things. With this meal plan subscription, you’re going to save time AND money!

What are you waiting for? If you’re feeling overwhelmed and wish you could feed your family better, this is your ticket! Maybe you need fresh ideas or just want to make things more streamlined and easy.

If you keep waiting for things to change but it isn’t happening, now is your chance to do something easy and wonderful — for yourself and for your family.

Click here to sign up now.