Clean Plates Restaurant Guidebooks and App for Today’s Healthy Diner

by Tiffany Kail on June 15, 2013

I just found this app and had to tell you about it! If you live in L.A., New York, or Austin, you’ve gotta put this app on your phone.

Clean Plates is a growing series of guidebooks, a website and an app, each created to help you eat better in Los Angeles, New York and Austin. Imagine a healthy Zagat, if you will, that keeps in mind flavor but looks at the stuff today’s conscious diner is thinking about. Restaurants are judged on the usual atmosphere, presentation, service, and so on, but also on ingredients and sustainability. So what gets a good rating? Organic, local, grass-fed meats and dairy and plenty of veggies. Frowns are given to a lot of deep-frying and to processed foods and such.

clean plate

Essentially, it will steer you to the kinds of restaurants where you can eat a meal and feel nourished, not yucky.

We like that the restaurant vetting process is rigorous. The restaurants are visited anonymously, and there must be certain nutritional and sustainability criteria met. Establishments specializing in diets like gluten-free, vegetarian or raw will be highlighted, but all diets are included (there is a Vegetarian New York edition.) The app is free and the website offers a free newsletter.

About the author...

 is a personal trainer, certified yoga instructor, and certified health coach, and most importantly, a mom. She's a proponent of the clean eating approach because it's a complete lifestyle solution and she's seen her clients thrive on it more than any other healthy eating plan.

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