Time and Money

What to Consider before Buying Sunglasses

August 3, 2013
what to consider when buying sunglasses

You may think the only thing you need to worry about when buying sunglasses is the style of frame or the color of tinting. But actually, there are other important characteristics of effective sunglasses that need to be considered.

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Make That Fruit Last Longer – Dry It

July 11, 2013
freshly dried fruit

Fresh fruits and veggies seem to cost more and spoil sooner. If you and your family love to eat fresh fruits, one way to be sure they won’t spoil is to dry them.

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Organize Your Spices

July 8, 2013
organized spices thumbnail

There is a lot to be said for an organized array of spices and seasonings.  When you’re cooking, it saves time and trouble to be able to reach in and grab what you need.  And, it really helps eliminate those ‘spice disasters.’

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