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Healthy Homemade Soups on the Go

July 3, 2013
clean eating soup on the go meal ideas

In this day and age it can be hard to eat healthy. With your busy schedule, especially if you have children, many people find it easier to grab whatever is available and the quickest and deal with the health consequences later. With the following tips for soups on the go you’ll learn how to make […]

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Weekend Cooking Frenzy

June 30, 2013
weekend cooking thumbnail

Busy days can lead to frustration when it comes to making dinner. Who has time to fix a meal when they don’t get home until 6pm or later? Better yet, who feels like cooking a meal after a hard day’s work? So, what’s a girl to do in order to avoid frozen dinners or worse […]

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Clean Plates Restaurant Guidebooks and App for Today’s Healthy Diner

June 15, 2013
clean plates app and website

I just found this app and had to tell you about it! If you live in L.A., New York, or Austin, you’ve gotta put this app on your phone. Clean Plates is a growing series of guidebooks, a website and an app, each created to help you eat better in Los Angeles, New York and […]

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